Using artists’ quality chalk, I can create by hand, small or large chalkboardand chalk art either for your home or business. For a more permanent option, I also hand paint signage using the traditional brush method or paint pens.

Variety of services

  • Chalkboard design and layouts
  • Chalk art for print publications, advertising and product labels
  • Chalk and painted feature walls
  • Chalkboard menus and promotions
  • Chalk caricatures from photographs
  • Chalk and pen and ink illustrations
  • Outdoor A-Boards
  • Custom frames and board sizes
  • Hand painted signs and windows
  • Hand painted outdoor signage
  • Hand painted mirrors and splashbacks
  • Hand painted signage using paint pens
  • Realistic product art, people, cars or animals from photographs
  • A variety of font and writing styles
  • Chalkboards as a unique and personalised gift
  • Wedding chalkboards

I can create chalk signage on just about any surface that can be painted.
ANYTHING goes….surfboards, walls, ceilings, canvas, MDF, metal, old signs, furniture,
lamp shades, and more.

If you have an idea for a sign you would like created, or a unique surface you would like transformed as a gift or outstanding advertising feature, you’re welcome to contact me to discuss. I offer no obligation free quotes and can freight throughout New Zealand.

Chalkboard Creation

Chalkboards are a vibrant, eye-catching signage solution that is also an environmentally friendly choice. I only use artists’ quality chalk which provides a superior finish and depth of colour, enhancing the look of my artwork.

I can create stylised or realistic product artwork, caricatures, and a wide variety of text styles. I work with my clients to produce chalkboards in a style that will enhance and complement their premises or business identity.

I can also create a one-off original image or a series of images, as was recently completed to be photographed and included in the Zespri Kiwifruit Annual Report.

Framing Options

I can provide custom frames for your chalkboards, in all sizes and styles including grungy and recycled to stylish and professional.

Framing your chalkboard behind glass is an additional option, and this will prevent any accidental damage to your signs by keeping them securely behind a clear protective layer.

Chalkboard Touchup Service
and After-Service Maintenance

I stand by my work and offer a touchup service for any signage that has been smudged, bumped or defaced and in some cases at no cost.

Chalkboards can be easily changed if you want to add or remove items and I am happy to offer you a reduced rate to make changes unless you are someone with a steady hand who can alter your own daily prices, specials, text or branding.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about maintenance or change queries to keep your chalkboard in perfect condition.

Chalkboard Care and Tips

Chalkboards require care to keep them smudge-free and in pristine condition.

Here are some pointers on the care of your Chalkboards:

  • Keep your chalkboard dry, position away from steam and dampness
  • Hang your chalkboard either up high, or where people aren’t likely to touch it
  • Get your chalkboard sprayed with a semi permanent fixative
  • Frame your chalkboard under glass
  • When making changes clean chalkboards using Coca Cola not water

Clients throughout New Zealand

I am grateful for the support of Clients throughout New Zealand, including: Hancocks Wines and Spirits, DB Breweries, Lion Nathan, Vivace Coffee Roasting House, Red Bull, Fiddlesticks, No.4, Willowbank, The Running Bull, Winniebagoes, Café Raeward, Fox n Ferret, Harcourts Gold, Cyber Pets, The Brewers Arms, The Cup Café, The Pedal Pusher, Cargo Bar, The Monday Room, Natural Dairy Products, Waves Advertising, The Turf, Seven Cafe and Pulp Kitchen.

Reasons to get your Chalkboard from Lizard Designs:

  1. Your job, done on time! - I work beyond normal business hours at no extra charge
    to meet your deadlines.
  2. Save money - You get the best price because I charge by the hour, not by the sq./m.
  3. Original work - All work is made to order from scratch, ensuring you of a unique piece.
  4. Nation-Wide Delivery - I can arrange your chalkboard to be delivered anywhere in NZ!
  5. Reputation for Excellence - With over 21 years experience and 100's of satisfied clients you can be rest assured of getting the absolute best possible design for your needs.
  6. Chalkboards are all done by me, on site or in my studio.