About Me

Hi I’m Liz, and I’ve been producing unique and stylised chalkboards for clients throughout the country for the past 21 years, using my creativity and love of art to make outstanding signage for many premises, including bars and restaurants, cafes, wildlife parks, dairy companies, pet shops, breweries and more. 

Producing amazing, hand drawn chalk signs is my passion, and my signs stand out wherever they may be, almost taking on a life of their own.

Printed signage is everywhere, so to add an eye catching feature to your premises, contact me for a free quote to have a unique, professional chalkboard sign designed for you.

I bring many years of experience as a qualified and experienced Graphic Designer, having attended the Wellington School of Design. I worked in Advertising in Dunedin for 7 years as an Artist, Art Director, and Creative Director, and am able to apply these skills and experience in my current profession as a Chalkboard Artist.  Because of my design background and artistic expertise I have also been called upon to produce chalk signage for use in business reports and magazines.

I first tried my hand at Chalk Artistry while on my O.E. in London. While working as a decorative window painter and display artist, I was approached by a lady who asked me if I could do some chalkboard artwork for her nearby pub. I jumped at the opportunity to try something different and went on to create some wonderful boards for her, and subsequently many more pubs around London.

When I returned from my O.E. to New Zealand the computer revolution in the graphic design industry was in full swing, and there were very few people creating hand-drawn professional signs, in particular chalkboards, so I launched Lizard Designs and have been chalking ever since for a growing list of clients from all over New Zealand.

It’s wonderful to know that hand drawn art still has a place amongst all the instant print solutions available, making chalkboards a vibrant, eye catching and environmentally friendly signage option for smart businesses.